Skills for Psychological Recovery (SPR) (Spanish language training in Puerto Rico)

8:00am - November 29, 2022 thru 12:00pm - November 29, 2022
Northeast & Caribbean ATTC

Hospital Psiquiatrico Forence de ASSMCA
San Juan, PR
United States

Registration Deadline: November 29, 2022
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SPR is an evidence-informed modular intervention that aims to help survivors gain skills to manage distress and cope with post-disaster stress and adversity. Individuals affected by a disaster or traumatic incident, whether survivors, witnesses, or responders to such events, may struggle with or face new challenges following the event. Integrate SUD as a high-risk factor in coping with personal or external trauma and how to integrate harm reduction.

The workshop is aimed service providers to provide support to people (communities) who were exposed to disasters, caregivers, parents, children, adolescents, families, first responders, first responders and service providers.

CEUs are not issued for this event. A certificate of attendance will be provided.