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In as little as 20 minutes, you can learn techniques to save the life of a loved-one, friend, co-worker, neighbor …anyone … who is experiencing an overdose caused by prescription narcotics or heroin. You can also find out where you can obtain the lifesaving, easy-to-use antidote, naloxone, as well as access relevant information and links on our website. After the training, check out what else we have to offer on our site.
As of August, 2018, over 70,000 individuals from all 50 States (and territories) have taken the trainings. They are still, however, underutilized by most States. States which have formally approved the trainings, disseminate information about them, and make our link ( available to residents (on the State and County DOH websites, treatment program websites, on lists of approved training programs, etc.) enroll more residents.

First Responder TrainingBystander Training

Get Naloxone Now!

  • An online resource to train people to respond effectively to an opioid-overdose emergency.
  • Advocates for widespread access to overdose education and training in how to administer naloxone, the life-saving antidote for opioid overdose.
  • Seeks to increase the number of lives saved by bystanders and professional first responders (police officers, firefighters and EMTs).
  • Find out how you can contribute to reducing overdose deaths by accessing our online training modules.
  • Individuals – Get Trained! offers 2 trainings, the Bystander training for laypeople and the First Responder training for professional first responders (Police officers, Firefighters and EMTs). Both trainings are housed on the secure website.  Both trainings are available at no cost and Certificates of Completion are provided to all who successfully complete the trainings (for a small donation in most States).
The online Bystander training is also CASAC approved for 1.0 credit.

A downloadable flyer is located on the Homepage of the site to disseminate information about the website and Bystander training for pharmacies, and other service and treatment organizations:
Funding to develop the trainings was provided by the National Institutes of Health, National Institutes on Drug Abuse, Grant #1R43D033746-01 and Grant #1R143DA029358-01A1.