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Developing Clinical Supervision Skills II - Private Event

12:00am - May 24, 2018
Northwest ATTC
Registration Deadline: May 24, 2018
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<b><font color="#990000">This is a private event; registration by invitation only.</b></font><p>

(Clinical Supervision I is a prerequisite.) This course builds upon the foundation of structure and methods utilized in the model described in SAMHSA's TIP 52. Complex topics addressed include (a) conducting a corrective interview; (b) practicing a model of ethical decision-making with real life scenarios; (c) facilitating a Motivational Interviewing model of Case Consultation; and (d) gaining a deeper understanding of cultural influences on the supervisory relationship using Hays' ADDRESSING Framework. Other content sources include SAMHSA's TAP 21A: Competencies for Substance Abuse Treatment Clinical Supervisors and The Change Book: A Blueprint for Technology Transfer published by the ATTC. Behavioral health professionals will find this training applicable in many clinical settings.