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SAMHSA’s 2024 Evidence-Based Practices Resources Center (EBPRC) Summit

July 9, 2024

New England ATTC Director Rosemarie A. Martin is taking part in SAMHSA’s 2024 Evidence-Based Practices Resources Center (EBPRC) Summit currently taking place in Rockville, MD (July 8-9th). In her role as an invited attendee, Dr. Martin, alongside over 60 federal and non-federal attendees, will guide the growth of SAMHSA’s EBPRC and ensure that the activities align with SAMHSA’s Strategic Plan. Dr. Martin will provide guidance to the EBPRC based on her experience and perspective, as well as the perspective of our NE ATTC constituents.

Summit objectives are to:

• Identify focal topics for the EBPRC’s 2025 evidence dissemination efforts and the most appropriate methods for disseminating such evidence, based on existing discrepancies between behavioral health evidence and practice

• Guide development of a searchable evidence library of programs and/or practices

• Assess how the EBPRC can bridge gaps between behavioral health evidence and practice, and provide actionable guidance upon areas of improvement

Together, SAMHSA, Dr. Martin, and the other invited attendees work to amplify the EBPRC’s role as the trusted resource for helping the nation access information to expand the use of evidence-based behavioral health treatment, as well as community-based and culture-driven programs.

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