Stacey Dyce
HCV Trainer SBIRT Trainer

Stacey Dyce, MHS

Contact Information

Maryland Department of Health


6118 Sebring Dr
Columnbia, MD 21044
United States

Phone: 410-982-9572
Email: [email protected]


Expert Trainer, Expert Facilitator

Experience Implementating: Yes
Workshops per Year: 5-10

Other topics trainer is expert in:

Since the late 1990's I have been engaged in the following:
Provides training and capacity building and guidance internally and to statewide partners
● Ensuring multiple linguistically and culturally appropriate educational training modalities, including the dissemination of training resources and information statewide
● Provide technical support and training to local health departments and other agencies to increase the capacity of Maryland's DIS, STI/HIV Supervisors, and other health professionals throughout the state.
● National CDC DEBI training advisor and Master Trainer
● Instruct and facilitate Ask Screen Intervene (ASI) curriculum to health providers.
● Instruct and facilitate Sexually Transmitted Disease /Infection (STD/I) course for providers.
● Trainer of trainers of Hepatitis C Basics for providers
● Instruct Motivational Interviewing for providers



Dedicated to the practice of social justice and health as a social right,
Stacey-Ann Dyce MHS is a people-centered Public Health professional who is currently employed as a Capacity Building Assistance Coordinator with the Maryland Department of Health’s Center HIV/STI Integration and Capacity. With over 15 years working in Infectious Disease investigation, prevention, promotion and intervention, capacity building and education, she has engineered and conducted programming/training and workshops for children, teens and adults, community members and providers. In addition, she is also a Training Consultant for Johns Hopkins, Danya Institute, and the CDC. Her varied work experience in Public Health also includes being a Labor and Delivery Doula, helping women and families have the best birth experience, she has assisted in 20 births to date, and Ms. Dyce is also an International Childbirth Education Association Childbirth educator. Ms. Dyce has been an active member of the Greater Baltimore and National Urban League working with Public Health issues and programming for the community.