Joe McAdams
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Joe McAdams

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13911 Thebes Circle
Universal, TX 78148
United States

Phone: 512-939-2645
Email: [email protected]


Expert Trainer, Expert Facilitator

Experience Implementing: Yes
Workshops per Year: 15+


Joe E. McAdams

Joe McAdams has been working in the field of HIV, HCV, and STI prevention and disease management for the past 30 years, with a focus on those who have a substance use disorder. Joe began his career in 1995, developing and implementing an HIV counseling and testing program, within a traditionally conservative community in central Texas. He has been afforded the honor of presenting at multiple statewide conferences and has been recognized at a ceremony for National Gay Men’s HIV and AIDS Awareness day as a standout contributor to the HIV community in Austin, Texas. Joe also served as the Executive Director of Kind Clinic, Austin TX, which provided him the opportunity to build a sexual health and wellness clinic for underserved communities, Joe is currently working as a consultant and is a registered trainer for Addiction Transfer Technology Centers.