SBIRT Trainer

Bruce Horwitz, PhD

Contact Information

University of Missouri


#1 Hospital Drive
Columbia, MO 65203
United States

Phone: 573-882-8930


Expert Trainer, Expert Facilitator

Experience Implementating: Yes
Workshops per Year: 5-10

Other topics trainer is expert in:

Motivational Interviewing, Co-Occurring Disorders, Marriage & Family Issues.


Dr. Horwitz has four years experience providing training in SBIRT, Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral techniques to augment SBIRT for higher risk patients. He has extensive experience implementing SBIRT in various clinical venues including primary care, emergency room and inpatient. He provides SBIRT training to a range of health care providers including physicians, nurses, residents, medical students and social workers.

Associated Center(s): Mid-America ATTC