SBIRT Trainer

Joan Leary, MA, LPC, MAC, NBCC

Contact Information

Joan Leary Counseling, LLC


19667 Villa Rosa Loop
Estero, FL 33967
United States

Phone: 205-529-5565
Email: [email protected]


Expert Trainer, Expert Facilitator

Experience Implementing: Yes
Workshops per Year: 1-5

Other topics trainer is expert in:

Trauma and Criminal Justice, Motivational Interviewing, Counseling Skills, Ethics and Confidentiality, New Ethical Dilemmas in Digital Age, Anger Management, Team Building, Leadership Skills, Conflict Resolution, Dealing with Difficult Clients.


Joan Leary has 10 years of experience working as a Project Manager at the Southern Coast ATTC, providing training and technical assistance throughout the Southeast. She has assisted some UAB Departments on SBIRT. She is moving to Florida Sept. 22, 2017 but is willing to provide SBIRT anywhere via her consulting company.