SBIRT Trainer

Marla Gamble, MS, LPC, CRAADC, NCC

Contact Information

Burrell Behavioral Health


1321 N. Concord Avenue
Springfield, MO 65802
United States

Phone: 417-592-3689


Expert Trainer, Expert Facilitator

Experience Implementating: Yes
Workshops per Year: 5-10

Other topics trainer is expert in:

Member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers.


Has been championing SBIRT for 4 years in South West Missouri Region along with MIMH and University of St. Louis. She has been doing SBIRT in four Emergency Departments for over three years and also SBIRT in a FQHC Primary Health Care Clinic. She is interested in training SBIRT with the Motivational Interviewing component. Ms. Gamble has practical everyday experience working with the population that SBIRT was designed to help. She has been able to discuss and train SBIRT beyond ATOD, and is able to model how to use SBIRT in Health Home issues.