SBIRT Trainer

Robert Hazlett, PhD

Contact Information

SBIRT Management Consultant


2453 Laurel Bay Lane
The Villages, FL 32162
United States

Phone: 352-552-6026


Expert Trainer, Expert Facilitator

Experience Implementating: Yes
Workshops per Year: 15+

Other topics trainer is expert in:

Has experience in implementation in emergency and trauma departments as well as FQHCs, Urgent care. Outpatient hospital programs and social service agencies. Development of training manuals and materials. Dr. Hazlett has 37 years experience in Behavioral Health Care.


Involved in SBIRT since 2003 with training and implementation in state of PA working at IRETA/NeATTC. Was emplyed as SBIRT Trainer and Quality Assurance Manager with Florida Dept. of Children and Families, Substance Abuse Programs Office and was vital to implementing SBIRT throughout the state. SBIRT was established at 65 sites throughout Florida in major hospitals, including Veterans Administration facilities. Dr. Hazlett assisted many other states in grant preparations and assistance in implementation and trainings. Negotiations for implementation at state and local levels.

Associated Center(s): Southeast ATTC