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About Southeast Asia-HIV ATTC

Although the “home” of the Southeast Asia HIV-Addiction Technology Transfer Center (SEA-HATTC) is in Thailand, the project has a regional focus and includes eight countries: Thailand, Lao, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, So. China, and India. Because of the vast geographic scope, we have identified focal regions, or tiers, where technology transfer activities will be phased in over the course of the project. Tier 1 countries include Thailand, Lao, Cambodia and Myanmar. 

Tier 1 Countries


SEA-HATTC fully commits to support Tier 1 countries: Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar for faculty and workforces development in SUD and HIV care through technical assistances and providing seed money to initiate the ‘fit-to-local-context’ projects. This includes relationship-building with Ministries of Health and related staff, and others who may benefit from the capacity-building work SEA-HATTC is funded to support.


SEA-HATTC continues to develop and grow collaborative partnerships in the region. They are well integrated into the network of programs and systems addressing addiction, mental health and HIV within Thailand, and are just beginning to foster relationships with various international stakeholders both university and governmental partners.