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Brief Interventions for Cannabis Use Disorders: The Check-Up Model (webinar)

How do you engage with clients who are using marijuana heavily, but not interested in treatment? This webinar, presented by Denise Walker, PhD, of the University of Washington, focused on the Check-Up model of intervention, designed to attract voluntary participation from non-treatment-seeking marijuana users. The elements of the intervention were described, with a focus on Motivational Enhancement Therapy and topics of conversation that can be used to enhance motivation to change marijuana use.  Download the slides here.    

Current Drug Trends webinar series- Part 1: New Psychoactive Cannabis Products

The 2018 Farm Bill has led to the introduction of several types of psychoactive cannabis products in the U.S. market. This presentation explores the diverse range of products that have recently become available and discusses the associated public health concerns. We will delve into a series of interconnected studies that investigate the marketing of Delta-8 THC, as marketing elements (such as products, prices, promotion, and placement) greatly influence usage, especially among young people. Further, we will explore potential policy solutions that may help mitigate these risks.   Presenter: Matthew Rossheim, PhD, MPH, CPH      

Daily Cannabis Use During Pregnancy and Postpartum: Patient, Provider, and Budtender Perspectives (webinar)

In this session, Dr. Barbosa-Leiker of WSU presented a series of research studies focused on perceptions of risk of cannabis use during pregnancy and postpartum. Research participants included perinatal women, healthcare providers, and cannabis retailers in the state of Washington. Download slides | Watch recording Webinar category: Specific populations

Data-Based Insights on Cannabis Use Disorder Treatment and Recovery Implications for Recovery Courts

The New England ATTC in partnership with the New England Association of Recovery Court Professionals recently hosted a webinar titled, "Data-Based Insights on Cannabis Use Disorder Treatment, Recovery, and Implications for Recovery Courts" Dr. Michael J. Sofis reviewed recent findings from the Cannabis Public Policy Consulting’s Regulatory Determinants of Cannabis Outcomes Survey (RDCOS) from 25 adult use, medical-only, and illegal/low-THC states on the prevalence of cannabis use harms like cannabis use disorder (CUD), driving under the influence of cannabis. (DUIC), and youth cannabis use. He highlighted promising up-and-coming treatment and prevention approaches designed to help prevent cannabis harms and contextualize how such approaches will impact recovery courts.  View the recording from the Data-Based Insights on Cannabis Use Disorder Treatment and Recovery Implications for Recovery Courts by clicking on the view resource button above. 

Time Trends in Cannabis Use, Cannabis Use Disorder and Psychiatric Comorbidity: Individual and State-Level Influences (webinar)

Presenter: Deborah Hasin, PhD (Columbia University) Over the last two decades, the cannabis landscape in the U.S. has changed considerably. Legalization, product potency and commercialization have increased while perceived risk has declined. In this context, national increases in cannabis use and cannabis use disorder will be reviewed, including particular subgroups in which the increases have been disproportionately large, e.g., individuals with pain and with psychiatric disorders, including psychosis. Learning objectives: To be able to describe time trends in the prevalence of cannabis use and cannabis use disorder; To be able to describe the influence of state-level legalization of cannabis on rates of cannabis use and cannabis use disorder; To be able to describe sub-groups of the population at particular risk for increases in cannabis use and cannabis use disorder, and some potential explanations of these differences. Download slides | View recording

Awareness about Cannabis Use among youth

  The National Latino Behavioral Health Association (NLBHA), the National Hispanic and Latino PTTC, and the Strategic Prevention Framework - Connecting our Voices Program, joined efforts today to present you this video about Marijuana Prevention, with the goal to increase the awareness among youth.   Português Conscientização sobre o uso de cannabis entre os jovens NLBHA, os Centros e o Programa Conectando nossas Vozes se uniram para apresentar a vocês este vídeo educativo sobre Prevenção da Maconha, com o objetivo de aumentar a conscientização entre os jovens.