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Jun 2019 Dialogue – Addiction: Men’s Health & SUDs | Mental Health: Data for Suicide Prevention | Prevention: Improving Prevention Outreach to Men | Faith Community Lunch & Learn from the ORN. Additional sections include upcoming training and webinar events, behavioral health observances, new resources, Region 3 news, and Region 3 Spotlight.

May 2019 Dialogue Addiction: Drug treatment courts & COD | Mental Health: Better serve older adults | Prevention: Youth Tobacco & Vaping Use | ORN: Alumni Support Services: Drug Courts. Additional sections include upcoming training and webinar events, behavioral health observances, new resources, Region 3 news, and Region 3 Spotlight.

Apr 2019 Dialogue – Addiction: Does alcohol increase cancer risk? | Mental Health: Problems with Youth and Screentime | Prevention: Take Back Drug events for prevention | ORN: SUD Treatment Gap. Additional sections include upcoming training and webinar events, behavioral health observances, new resources, Region 3 news, and Region 3 Spotlight.

Mar 2019 Dialogue – Addiction: SUD Screening for Women | Mental Health: Women and Mental Health | Prevention: Tailoring SUD Prevention Services for women | ORN: Suboxone Program. Additional sections include upcoming training and webinar events, behavioral health observances, new resources, Region 3 news, and Region 3 Spotlight.

Feb 2019 Dialogue – Addiction: Alcohol and African American Children | Mental Health: MHTTC News/Info | Prevention: Culturally Competent Prevention | ORN: Recovery Residences. Additional sections include upcoming training and webinar events, behavioral health observances, new resources, Region 3 news, and Region 3 Spotlight.

Jan 2019 Dialogue – Vaping, Central East MHTTC Systems Transformation Initiative, What’s New, On the Move, News


Dec 2018 Dialogue – HHS Region 3 Leads Nation in Opioid Overdose Deaths, UMB Cares, What’s New, On the Move, News

Nov 2018 Dialogue – Appalachian Regional Prescription Opioid Strike Force (ARPO), Rural Health and opioids, What’s New, On the Move, News

Oct 2018 Dialogue – ATTC Customer Engagement, Bullying Awareness, What’s New, One the Move, News

Sep 2018 Dialogue - Personal recovery stories, Go Purple for National Recovery Month, What's New, On the Move, News

Aug 2018 Dialogue - International Overdose Awareness Day, Recovery Month & request for personal story submissions, What's New, On the Move, News

Jul 2018 Dialogue - STR, Minority Mental Health, What's New, On the Move, News

May 2018 Dialogue - Dr. Jean Bennett/SAMHA, Opioids & Technology, What's New, On the Move, News

Apr 2018 Dialogue - Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center (MATRC), #Alcohol AwarenessMonth

Mar 2018 Dialogue - Dickie Lynn Gronseth, Gambling Addiction, Monthly Health Check

Feb 2018 Dialogue - Connections Community Service Program, African American HIV Disparity

Jan 2018 Dialogue - Prestera Center, Opioid Data


Dec 2017 Dialogue - Maryland Opioid Operational Command Center, Opioid Data, MAT

Nov 2017 Dialogue - Robert Hansen, Hospitals as Opioid Epidemic Anchor, Great American Smokeout, Survey

Oct 2017 Dialogue - Carlos Hardy, Danya Re-Awarded ATTC, Collaboration

Sep 2017 Dialogue - Recovery Story from Coriless, Recovery Month

Aug 2017 Dialogue - Sandy Kanelhl of Roads to Recovery, Summer Safety, and the 2017 National Cannabis Summit

Jul 2017 Dialogue - NAMI & regional affiliates, Hep C Impact on the African-American Community, and the 2017 National Cannabis Summit

Jun 2017 Dialogue - HealthHIV, PTSD & Addiction, NFAR Technology Summit

May 2017 Dialogue - CAPT, Hepatitis C and substance use disorders, Region 3 NAMIWalks

Apr 2017 Dialogue - NCADD, Perspectives on Cannabis, What's New, SAMHSA's Voice Awards

Mar 2017 Dialogue - ATTC PoE-PPW, Women and Addiction, What's New, Call for Papers-Cannabis Summit

Feb 2017 Dialogue - Faces & Voices of Recovery, Language, What's New, African-American History


Dec 2016 Dialogue - Dr. Linda Frank, World AIDS Day, HIV and Integrated Approach

Nov 2016 Dialogue - Dr. Carlo DiClemente, tobacco and behavioral health, great American Smokeout

Oct 2016 Dialogue - SBIRT, screening, SAMHSA webinar series

Sep 2016 Dialogue - Recovery Month, recovery testimonials, regional recovery leaders

Aug 2016 Dialogue - Dr. Anthony Estreet, overdose prevention, Road to Recovery television series

Jul 2016 Dialogue - Dawn Maker/HealthHCV, minority mental health and addiction, Language Matters

Jun 2016 Dialogue - Dr. Robert McKenna/HRSA, National HIV Testing Day, tobacco vs. garage chemicals

May 2016 Dialogue - Dr. Jean Bennett/SAMHSA, Mental Health Month, prescription drug abuse

Apr 2016 Dialogue - Tamara Parris, addiction-related language, media messaging

Mar 2016 Dialogue - Humberto Carvalho/SAMHSA, opioids and heroin epidemics

Feb 2016 Dialogue - Renata Henry, SAMHSA's Revised Opioid Overdose Toolkit


Oct 2014 Dialogue - safeTALK

Sep 2014 Dialogue - National Recovery Month, District of Columbia's Department of Mental Health

Jul 2014 Dialogue - SAMHSA Store, Tobacco and Behavioral Health Resources Page, safeTALK

Jun 2014 Dialogue - National Conference on Tobacco and Behavioral Health, Adverse Childhood Experiences quiz

May 2014 Dialogue - FDA e-cigarette crackdown

Apr 2014 Dialogue - Alcohol Awareness Month, National Conference on Tobacco and Behavioral Health

Mar 2014 Dialogue - Shop CVS (tobacco free), National Tobacco conference, Preparing for Change conference

Feb 2014 Dialogue - New ASAM Criteria Webinar, ATTC Third Thursday Trainings, 

Jan 2014 Dialogue - New Year in BH, Spotlight on Employee Health (Self Care), The Anonymous People film review

Dec 2013 Dialogue - World AIDS Day, TB & HIV Co-Infection, Smoking Cessation Technology


Nov 2013 Dialogue - Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) App, ACA, Washington, D.C administration merger

Oct 2013 Dialogue - Health Insurance Marketplace, DSM 5, Talking to Patients about Insurance, No Kidding Me 2!! movie review

Sep 2013 Dialogue - Recovery Month, Implementing the ACA, Partners for Recovery, News from the National Council

Aug 2013 Dialogue - ADHD and Substance Use in Teens, Trends in Behavioral Healthcare 2012, MedscapeMobile

Jul 2013 Dialogue - LGBT Youth and Bullying, Mobile Apps for BH, 

Jun 2013 Dialogue - 2013 What's New Update, Brave New World Symposium, MI webinar

May 2013 Dialogue - Clinical Trials Network Brave New World, Self Care: A Guide for Addiction Professionals

Apr 2013 Dialogue - Regional Administrator Jean Bennett, Planet Teen, Alcohol Awareness Month

Mar 2013 Dialogue - Note from new Executive Director Renata Henry, 2012 Mid-Atlantic BH Conference, NFAR & telemedicine

Feb 2013 Dialogue - State Health Exchanges, HIV/AIDS News from ATTC Center of Excellence

Jan 2013 Dialogue - Goodbye note from Executive Director Ryan Springer, Leadership news from ATTC Center for Leadership Development


Aug 2012 Dialogue - Dr. Mady Chalk, a recognized expert in the field of substance abuse policy and health care reform, spoke to a group of health care professionals on May 9, the first of a three-day conference in Annapolis, Maryland.

Jul 2012 Dialogue - Film Review: Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare - this timely documentary intended to help change the national conversation about 21st century healthcare.

Jun 2012 Dialogue - DVD Review: Post-Trauma Wellness: A Guide for Helping Professionals - this recorded lecture presents timely and cutting edge insights into the best ways to improve behavioral healthcare.

May 2012 Dialogue - Fulfilling America's Compact with our Veterans by Ron Manderscheid, PhD.

April 2012 Dialogue - Many people who are in mental health and/or substance use recovery (collectively referred to as peers) choose to give back to the recovery community, in roles of advocates, peer support providers, clinicians, government officials, or researchers.


Summer 2010 Dialogue - Process Improvement, Products for Counselors and other Substance Abuse Professionals, Regional News

Spring 2009 Dialogue - Hepatitis C for Addiction Professionals, Message from the "Liver Lady," Regional News

Fall 2008 Dialogue - Preventing HIV Transmission: The Impact of Non-Injection Drug and Alcohol Use, Regional News

Spring 2008 Dialogue - What Are Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care?, Philadelphia's Transformation, Regional News

Fall 2007 Dialogue - Short-Term Opioid Withdrawal Using Buprenorphine: An Example from the Field, Regional News

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