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John Kelly

October 27 Webinar: Attitudes & Stigma Around Addiction

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Sept 29 Webinar: Firearms, Culture & Suicide Risk

Brian Serna

June 30 Webinar: Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA)

Larissa Mooney

May 25: Meth 2.0 and Opioid Use Disorder: A Collision of Epidemics

Dan Dubovsky

April 28: Strategies to Improve Treatment Outcomes for Individuals with FASD…

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New Product: Clinical EBP Demonstration Video Series

Pregnant woman

Pregnant/Parenting People and Substance Use Webinar Series, January-March 2021

Ann Marie Roepke

December 16: Resilience and Wellness (webinar)

Bryan Hartzler, PhD

Webinar: Implementing Contingency Management: The Case for Customizing to Your…

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Final Installment of the Integrated Treatment Webinar Series: October 21