Alcohol and Drug Exam Preparation Resources

Congratulations on being ready to sit for your certification exam!  This is a big step in your professional development and continued involvement in working within the behavioral health services field.   As the substance use disorder (SUD) treatment services profession has evolved over the past few decades, the education and credentialing requirements have steadily increased to further ensure that professionals are recognized as a legitimate, important, and vital part of the behavioral health field.   Your commitment to your profession and the steps you have taken in your role as a SUD treatment provider can only be enhanced by securing your state certification.  Furthermore, credentialing is a vital component for billing and reimbursement in most treatment facilities.   Therefore, it is our sincere hope that the ATTCs across the regional areas can assist and support you in advancing your career as a SUD professional.  So whether you are new to the field or have years of clinical experience, please take the time to prepare for this important credentialing process.


Study Tips and Preparation:

  • Know your learning style
  • Understanding the performance areas or domains in the exam
  • Familiarize yourself with multiple choice testing 
  • Familiarize yourself with case study questions
  • Use practice exams
  • Schedule your study time
  • Use summary notes and flash cards
  • Study with a colleague or co-worker


On the day of the exam

  • Start with a positive attitude
  • Arrive early
  • Listen to instructions
  • Preview your exam
  • Manage your time
  • Use deep breathing
  • Answer easy questions first
  • Read slowly and carefully
  • Read all the answers
  • Don’t expect to know all the material
  • Avoid changing answers
  • Use process of elimination
  • Don’t let others intimidate you
  • Be careful using the answer sheet


Alcohol and Drug Exam Preparation Courses:

Virtual Alcohol and Drug Exam Preparation Coming to the Great Plains in March 2021 Virtual Alcohol and Drug Exam Preparation Course: The National AI/AN ATTC will be offering four-day online training courses on the following dates:

•    March 29-April 1 (Registration open to Great Plains Area Treatment providers only)

               - 10am-4pm (lunch break of 1 hour and another break in the afternoon will be provided)

               - We are offer up to 20 CEUs for this event

Due to COVID-19 and associated health risks, ATTC will be no longer offering face to face trainings until further notice.  If you have staff and facilities in your area interested in participating in virtual trainings in the coming year please contact [email protected] or [email protected]