National American Indian and Alaskan Native ATTC

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Tribal Opioid Response (TOR) Program

Helpful resources in the planning and implementing of your tribe's opioid response plan
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TOR Technical Assistance Webinars

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National American Indian and Alaskan Native ATTC

Our National Center provides education and training opportunities for individuals and groups involved in providing substance abuse treatment and counseling, including health professionals in primary prevention and treatment for substance abuse. We are housed in the University of Iowa College of Public Health, but offer services nationwide for consulting, technical assistance, and continuing education seminars. We focus specifically on the American Indian and Alaska Native (AI & AN) communities.

Our mission is to serve as national subject matter experts and key authorities on resources for the adoption of culturally appropriate addiction treatment/recovery services. In these roles, we aspire to support professionals working with AI & AN clients suffering from substance use and other behavioral health disorders, prominently including the AI & AN behavioral health workforce, using recognized state-of-the-art technology transfer principles.



Anne Helene Skinstad, PhD

Program Director; Clinical Professor, Department of Community and Behavioral Health, University of Iowa College of Public Health


2019 LA full cohort

2019-2020 Leadership Academy cohort meets in Tama for a 5-day Immersion Training

NAIAN ATTC TOR Regional Meeting

Tribal Opioid Response grantees share experiences, strategies