Beginning in Autumn, 2013, the Center began publishing a newsletter covering vital topics such as evidence-based and experience-based practices, recovery-oriented systems of care (ROSC), and adolescent recovery programs. The newsletter is published electronically three times per year and all issues are available below.

Native American Drums

We would like to share with you the latest issue of our Newsletter: Volume 5 Issue 2 which looks closely at juvenile justice and healing-to-wellness courts in Indian Country, in particular the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, and the Tribal Youth Training and Technical Assistance Center. The full document is available at this link.

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Volume 1, Issue 1 Autumn 2013: Introduction to the National American Indian & Alaska Native ATTC


Volume 1, Issue 2 Winter 2014: Evidence-Based and Experience-Based Practices


Volume 1, Issue 3 Summer 2014: Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care


Volume 2, Issue 1 Autumn 2014: Adolescents and Substance Use


Volume 2, Issue 2 Summer 2015: Youth Gangs, Prevention, and Promising Practices


Volume 2, Issue 3 Autumn 2015: National Recovery Month


Volume 3, Issue 1 November 2015: Native American Heritage Month; Marijuana


Volume 3, Issue 2 March 2016: Problem Gambling; Tribal Government Gaming


Volume 3, Issue 3 September 2016: Opioid Response and Recovery


Volume 3 Special Issue: Native LGBTQ and Two-Spirit


Volume 4, Issue 1 June 2017: Suicide and Tribal Prevention 


Volume 5, Issue 1 Spring 2018: Tribal Drug and Wellness Courts


Volume 5, Issue 2: Autumn 2018: Juvenile Justice and Healing-to-Wellness Courts