Recognizing Racial Stigma and Opportunities for Change (Closed Event)

1:00pm - January 6, 2022
Northeast & Caribbean ATTC
Registration Deadline: January 6, 2022
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Stigma is associated with negative and often fear based perspectives and misunderstandings of people with mental health, substance use problems or physical disabilities. Add layers of race and ethnicity, and you have racial stigma, referring to how people of diverse backgrounds are unfairly perceived and treated. The combined impact plays a major role in why many who would benefit from treatment do not seek care.

This interactive two-part (4hour) workshop will review mitigating factors that influence stigma and differential treatment, and the intersecting challenges of social determinants of health on stigmatized communities.

The content will further inform on ways to identify stigmatic or unconscious bias in practice and offer bias reducing strategies that will help mitigate stigma and poor care. Content will also review benefits of integrating culturally responsive care to help attain and retain highest levels of patient centered care for persons of color and other marginalized communities.