Women Are different



The purpose of this webinar series is to explore the cultural implications of women with substance use disorders. This series will provide providers with information and skills to Encourage, Empower, and Engage women in treatment and recovery support from a cross- cultural perspective.

Webinar Objectives:

• Develop a culturally relevant understanding of women from diverse cultures with substance use disorders

• Develop provider awareness of what impacts one’s decisions, biases, and world view and willingness to receive information, adapt and alter attitudes when working with women

• Identify specific effective cross-cultural strength-based approaches to working with women in treatment and recovery

• Build cultural competency

 Webinar Series Focus:

1.     History of Women and SUD

2.     African American Women

3.     Caucasian Women

4.     Hispanic/ Latino Women

5.     Native American Women

6.     LGBTQ Women


Women Are Different Series: African American Women



Women Are Different Series: Caucasian Woman



Women Are Different Series: Latina Woman



Women Are Different Series: LGBTQ Women



The History of Women & SUD: The IMP of Gender-Specific Services