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53rd New England School of Addiction and Prevention Studies

Dates and times vary by course. For a list of ATTC sponsored courses view below.

For a full detailed agenda, visit the Summer School website.

For 29 years, the New England ATTC has served as a proud regional workforce development partner for The New England School of Addiction and Prevention Studies, commonly called Summer School. The Summer School is an intensive 5-day learning experience, taking place June 6 -10, 2022, designed to advance the knowledge, skills, and experience of the addiction, treatment, and recovery workforce The New England ATTC will be hosting a number of plenary sessions and specialized courses focused on treatment and recovery support services to address specific needs of the regional workforce.  

The New England ATTC is proud to sponsor several plenary sessions and courses including:


152.M Mindfulness - Based Relapse Prevention

156.M Empowering People to Break the Bias Habit: Evidence-Based Approaches to Reduce Bias

154.M Contingency Management

155.M Women: Addiction, Incarceration and Recovery

251.T Stimulants and their Impact on Brain and Behavior ā€“ Best Practices and Approaches

256.T Services for Opioid Use Disorders: The Changing Landscape

254.T Emotional Management Skills in Support of Recovery

255.T Working with People in the Criminal Justice System

253.T Neurobiology of Addiction

352.W Motivational Interviewing for Groups

354.W Intergenerational Trauma

353.W The Wraparound Empowerment Process

355.W Criminal Thinking and Antisocial Logic

351.W Utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Treat Substance Use Disorders

451.Th A Revolution in Care: Integrating Harm Reduction into Treatment and Recovery

456.Th Health Disparities and Building Equity in SUD Services

452.Th Opioid Use Disorder & Treatment 101: Understanding the Disorder, Treatment and Protocol

453.Th Spirituality & Holistic Faith-Based Efforts to Address Addiction

454.Th De-escalation & Engagement Strategies: A Trauma Informed Approach

556.F Addressing Methamphetamines

553.F Social Inequalities and injustices that impact our work

551.F Coming into the Light - Breaking the Stigma of Substance Use Disorders

555.F Cannabis Use and Clinical Concerns

752.P.Th Ethics for Addiction Counselors



Starts: Jun. 6, 2022 12:30 pm
Ends: Jun. 10, 2022 2:15 pm
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