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Adult Co-Occurring Disorders Simplified

Millions of Americans have a co-occurring disorder that affects their daily lives. The brain is a complicated and delicate organ. Because of this, understanding some of the basics about co-occurring conditions is essential to providing care. 



  1. Define co-occurring disorders.
  2. Provide psychoeducation about co-occurring disorders.  
  3. Evidence Based Treatment approaches to address co-occurring disorders.


Victoria Anderson founded her own private practice, Rooted Counseling, with the belief that life’s challenges provide an opportunity for people to know themselves more fully and create positive change. Believing that we are not defined by what has happened to us as we all experience life situations that are out of our control. For the last 10 years, she has been helping individuals through those challenges. Finding that her down to earth approach provides a comfortable atmosphere.


Victoria offers both mental health and substance use services to adolescents and adults. Offering the only adolescent substance use program in the area.


Victoria obtained her Masters in Addiction Counseling from Winona State University. She further obtained her Masters in Social Worker from Boise State University.


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