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Contingency Management for Healthcare Settings: Clinical Supervisors Online Course

The intent of this course is to serve as a bridge to intensive technical assistance for healthcare organizations seeking to implement contingency management (CM) programming in their setting. The course offers coordinated instruction and resources specific to clinical supervisors (those in supervisory roles positions to provide quality assurance and evaluation of clinical services offered by direct care staff).

This course includes an introduction to CM describing its core elements, scientifically-supported systems, and how it can be used in healthcare settings to have a positive impact on clients. It also offers unique content on how personnel in the Clinical Supervisor role can contribute to the successful integration of CM into the clinical services their organization offers.

For organizations utilizing this course, a strongly recommended initial step is for those in leadership roles to complete the decision-maker course module, including its activity for drafting CM programming customized to the settings needs and resources. Once leaders have formulated and discussed these initial ideas about CM programming, the content of course modules for Clinical Supervisors and Direct Care Staff are likely to be more useful to those staffing groups. Given the complexities of implementing a systems-level practice like CM, organizations are urged to additionally seek out consultation and coaching as intensive technical assistance via a Technology Transfer Center in their region.   

Also available: Decision Maker and Direct Care Staff courses.

Starts: Oct. 1, 2022 1:22 am
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