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Teaching Motivational Interviewing (New England Region 1)

The New England ATTC in partnership with the MA Office of Community Corrections is providing intensive technical assistance in Teaching Motivational Interviewing on 9/16/24, 9/19/24, 9/23/24, and 9/26 from 12:45pm-4:00pm with subject matter expert Robert Jope. Motivational Interviewing (MI) has long been accepted by the broader helping and health care professionals as an evidence-based practice suitable for a wide variety of populations and problem types. The ensuing demand for ways to sustain MI fidelity in agencies, facilities, and programs has created a need for training to identify, enable, and empower individuals who have worked to develop their skills in the approach with resources and direction to support their peers and employees to gain and grow their MI skills.  To achieve these outcomes, potential participants in Teaching MI are screened for MI competency by submitting work samples that are assessed by a certified coder using the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity Code 4.2.1. Only participants able to reach minimum competency standards are admitted to the training.  Successful candidates then participate in a series of collaborative experiences in which they present portions of an MI training to their peers and receive thorough feedback.  In addition, each participant is tasked with developing their own individual plan for ongoing development of their MI skills. [This is a private, targeted technical assistance (TA) event.  If you are interested in similar TA, please contact [email protected]]

Starts: Sep. 16, 2024 12:45 pm
Ends: Sep. 26, 2024 4:00 pm
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