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Announcing New Subcontract with HETI Maine!

June 25, 2021

The New England ATTC has been partnering with Stephen Andrews,  an internationally renowned motivational interviewing trainer and Chief Energizing Officer of the Health Education & Training Institute (HETI) Maine, since 2007. This year marks a new level of collaboration with the team at HETI Maine as we have entered into a subcontract with them, resulting in the expansion of intensive technical assistance opportunities in the region. 

HETI Maine's MI model and intensive TA approach is three-pronged.  First, HETI provides participants with a basic MI training consisting of two sessions of basic content followed by four follow up sessions whereby learners reflect upon and share how they are implementing what they have learned.  Second, an Advancing the Practice training is offered, consisting of four sessions providing the learner with opportunity for greater skill development and enhancement.  Lastly, the participants receive follow-up intensive technical assistance through coding/coaching/master class sessions. Prior to program start and at the completion, participants submit an audio recording of a real or role-played session that is coded by HETI using the MITI 4.2.2 (Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity) coding system for adherence to Motivational Interviewing spirit, skills and structure of the conversation. This program component includes providing each participant with a Zoom Master Class to review the results of the coding. The purpose of the Master Class session is coaching learners toward gaining competency in Motivational Interviewing and to serve as their practices’ MI Champion. Each participant is encouraged to create an action plan for implementing their learning into practice. 

You can read more about the training offered by the New England ATTC in partnership with HETI Maine in our recent blog post

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