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DE Opens Its First PPW Treatment Center

July 1, 2022

Gaudenzia Open Delaware’s Only Inpatient Treatment Facility for Pregnant & Parenting Women

Pregnant & Parenting Women Addiction Treatment

On July 1, 2022, Delaware opened its first residential substance use disorder (SUD) treatment center for moms or moms-to-be in Claymont.

Gaudenzia, one of the nation's largest non-profit SUD treatment centers serving approximately 15,000 people each year, recognized the need for this underserved population in Delaware and has worked for more than a year to bring it to frutition. They already have 14 programs for pregnant and parenting women in other states.

The Claymont Center for Pregnant & Parenting Women can house 20 women and 40 children (up to two children per client). The program will provide medical care, clinical services, case management, parenting classes, and onsite child care. An important aspect of the center is that children can stay with their mothers and not go into foster care.

Gaudenzia is funded almost exclusively by state and federal (Medicaid) dollars, which means they are based on fee scales. The Delaware Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health's contract is $3.2 million and Highmark Delaware covered renovation costs.

For additional information, call Guadenzia's Helpline at 833-976-HELP (4357) or visit their website.

From Guadenzia

Gaudenzia offers a place where mothers can address their substance use and co-occurring disorders while continuing to parent their children without fear of losing them. They offer a continuum of services where women live in an empowering environment with programs that lay the foundation for recovery and assist in developing practical coping skills.

By offering a full range of services for recovery-oriented treatment and support, they are helping pregnant and parenting women break the cycle of trauma and addiction that have affected them and their families. They may access treatment and support at any time through our 24-hour helpline, 833-976-HELP (4357).

Withdrawal Management

For pregnant women, Gaudenzia offers a safe induction to Medication-Assisted Treatment and maintenance until the mom delivers and beyond if desired. For parenting women, they offer a choice of withdrawal management options, including MAT.

Residential Treatment

Women can address their substance use and behavioral health needs while receiving gender-responsive cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational enhancement and trauma-informed care. While receiving this care, they can have their children with them in a thriving, safe, supportive environment with access to caregivers and educational services.

Low-Intensity Residential Treatment

Women can live with their children and build a life in recovery, find employment, and increase their chances of a successful transition to an independent life.

Affordable Housing Services

Women can build a life in early recovery in a supportive, safe environment with their children.

Programs that will be offered:

     •  Individual, Group and Family Counseling

     •  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

     •  Gender-Responsive Programming

     •  Motivational Enhancement

     •  Trauma-informed Therapy

     •  Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

     •  Life-Skill Development

     •  Parenting Skill Development

     •  Educational Remediation for Children

     •  Access and transportation to medical and dental care

     •  Transportation to court services

     •  Support Services for Children


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