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Virtual Learning Series: Supporting Successful Outcomes for people with Disabilities in their recovery from Addiction

June 8, 2021



More than 60 million adults in the U.S. report living with a disability. Adults with disabilities often have higher rates of chronic illnesses compared to the general population, and they also report more barriers to healthcare due to factors such as cost and access. Addiction to substances such as alcohol and other prescription and non-legal drugs is a public health crisis that impacts our local families and communities. Too often youth and adults with disabilities may “self-medicate” with substances to help them cope with physical and emotional pain, social isolation, and financial stress. This dependency on drugs or alcohol can lead to Substance Use Disorder (SUD), a serious and chronic illness that is treatable when care is accessible.


Please join us for a FREE virtual 3-part learning series about supporting people with disabilities in their recovery from addiction.

Stancil Tootle, a black and blind Georgian in long-term recovery and certified peer specialist, will moderate this series.


All events are Thursdays at 2:00 pm ET for 75 minutes.

To learn more about the presenters and register, go to:

If you have difficulty with registration, please RSVP to [email protected]


  • Understanding the Science of Addiction and the Many Pathways to Recovery - 6/17/2021

Local Georgia residents and SUD subject matter experts will share information about how addiction affects the body and various treatment options available to help people manage their illness and recover. They will explain what we mean by “recovery” and many different ways that people regain their health, home, community and purpose as they overcome addiction.

  • People with Disabilities Seeking SUD Treatment and Recovery Services - 6/24/2021

Three individuals living with disabilities will share their stories of substance use, challenges accessing treatment and recovery supports, and ways they advocated for their needs to achieve long-term recovery.

  • Strategies for Increasing Access to Recovery Supports for People with Disabilities – 7/1/2021

Professionals in the field will share ideas and strategies for recovery service providers to be more inclusive and accessible for all people seeking support. Many changes to service delivery benefit not only people with disabilities but EVERYONE you serve!

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