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We've Been Everywhere, Man!

November 1, 2019

Staff at the Native Center for Behavioral Health - Addiction Technology Transfer Center have been busy the past couple months! They have been traveling all over the country making connections, leading trainings, and providing technical support for our various projects. Here are some of the things they have done:


    September 4th– 6th TOR Project Manager, Jeff Ledolter, along with our Director, Anne Helene Skinstad and Co-Director, Sean Bear, traveled to Roseville, California for a Regional TA Meeting for recipients of the Tribal Opioid Response grant, in collaboration with the California Rural Indian Health Board (CRIHB).

    September 11th-13th ATTC Project Manager, Steve Steine and consultants made it to Lower Brule, South Dakota to lead the Alcohol and Drug Training for addiction and behavioral health professionals working with Native communities.

    September 16th-20th Jeff Ledolter returned to California to present on the work we’ve been doing at the National Indian Health Board’s (NIHB) annual National Tribal Health Conference, along with our colleagues from the Pacific Southwest ATTC and PTTC.

    ATTC staff had a few weeks to relax and catch up on work before heading out again. During this time, Native Center for Behavioral Health brought together nine Native health experts from around the country for a consensus panel to update The Native American Curriculum for State-Accredited, Non-Tribal Mental Health and Substance Abuse Programs in South Dakota.

    October 14th-16th Co-Director of the Native Center for Behavioral Health, Sean Bear participated in the CDC Native American Panel in Seattle, Washington.

    October 16th-18th Jeff hit the road again to travel to the Addiction Health Services Research Conference in Park City, Utah to a present a poster called “Current Obstacles to Implementing Medication-Assisted Treatment in Native American Communities.”

    October 21st-23rd Jeff did not have too much time to rest before heading up to Billings, Montana to lead the Billings Regional TA Meeting for Tribal Opioid Response grantees.

    October 30th Members from each of our centers gathered in Rockville, MD to plan how to better coordinate with regional technology transfer centers and the National Hispanic and Latino Technology Transfer Centers.


Though the travel will slow down a bit for the month of November, Jeff and Anne Helene are headed to Alaska for another Regional TOR meeting and Steve and Sean will be heading to the Pine Ridge Reservation, then to Minneapolis, Minnesota for a training and presentation!

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