SBIRT Trainer

Denna Vandersloot, M.Ed

Contact Information

Northwest ATTC, University of Washington


11845 NW Stone Mt Lane
Portland, OR 97229
United States

Phone: 503-758-2112
Email: [email protected]


Expert Trainer, Expert Facilitator

Experience Implementating: Yes
Workshops per Year: 1-5

Other topics trainer is expert in:

Denna Vandersloot has extensive experience providing SBIRT training and technical assistance in a variety of settings. She helped develop the Oregon Primary Care, Washington SBIRT, and UMKC SBIRT student health curricula. She provides SBIRT training of trainer events. Ms. Vandersloot is also a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers.


Denna Vandersloot is the Co-Director of the Northwest ATTC. She has 15+ years of experience providing SBIRT training and technical assistance. She has extensive experience with designing SBIRT curricula and customizing training modules for specific role groups. She has worked on several large SBIRT implementation projects in Washington, Oregon, and California.