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HCV Snapshot: An Introduction to Hepatitis C for Health Care Professionals
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screenshot of courseHCV Snapshot is a free, 90-minute online course. It is designed to briefly familiarize medical and behavioral health professionals with hepatitis C.

Learning Objectives

The course's four self-paced modules cover:

  1. Populations at risk: Describe populations at increased risk for hepatitis C.
  2. Hepatitis C, the disease: Differentiate hepatitis C from A and B, and review transmission, symptoms, testing, and curability.
  3. Screening processes: Describe the screening process and the importance of your role in addressing patient concerns and improving outcomes.
  4. Treatment options: Review factors influencing treatment, current and emerging treatment options, and patients' treatment concerns.

**Continuing education is available, including CNE, NASW, NAADAC, and CHES.**

This course was developed by Mid-America Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC), part of the Collaborative for Excellence in Behavioral Health Research and Practice.