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Consultation Group

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What is a Consultation Group?

A Consultation Group is a 12-session series that offers a variety of services, supports, and resources led by external expertise and guidance designed to promote effective translation of EBPs/promising practices into real-world settings. Each session includes a didactic presentation on a specific topic, followed by a related activity and discussion. Participants have the flexibility to attend one or all the sessions in the consultation group series. 

Is registration required?

No registration is required! The Consultation Groups are a free, open series offered by the Mountain Plains ATTC. Because there is no registration and proof of attendance, no CE’s will be provided for attending.

Featured Consultation Groups
Motivational Interviewing - Intentional Application of Strategies and Skills

Currently this group is not being offered, check back for new schedule and/or email [email protected] for more information.

The Motivational Interviewing - Intentional Application of Strategies and Skills is a six-month bimonthly series open to anyone with basic knowledge of Motivational Interviewing (MI) concepts, as well as core skills and principles.  The purpose of the group is to build on participant’s prior knowledge of MI and provide increased insight into the MI philosophy to better understand nuances of MI principles, strategies, and skills and will explore a variety of MI topics and activities in an atmosphere of collaboration, support, curiosity, openness, and intentional practice. It is a chance to deepen one’s MI knowledge and hone MI skills in a non-judgmental venue. 

  • Making MI Come Alive in a Real Way - Using MI Spirit in Everyday Conversations
  •  Using MI Tools to Address the Stages of Change
  • Using the MI 4 Processes to Address Ambivalence
  • Using MI to Address Barriers to Change
  • Using MI Skills with Intention
  • Effective Use of MI in Group Settings
  • Using the 4 Processes - Engaging
  • Focusing with the 4 Processes - Intentional Planning
  • Focusing: Handling Discord with a Target Behavior
  • Intentional and Directional Evoking
  • OARS Skill Building
  • Intentional Treatment Planning


Kate Speck, PhD
Gary Wareham, MA, LPC, LAC

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Technology-Based Clinical Supervision: Expanding the Quality & Quantity of Clinical Supervision

Currently this group is not being offered, check back for new schedule and/or email [email protected] for more information.

The Technology Based Clinical Supervision (TBCS): Expanding the Quality and Quantity of Clinical Supervision Consultation Group is a three-month weekly (12-session) series open to anyone who has basic knowledge of clinical supervision with some experience or a desire to gain experience in using technology to offer clinical supervision.  The purpose of this group is to explore TBCS best practices and provide practical information and application strategies for those interested in implementing or expanding TBCS services. This consultation group will examine a variety of TBCS topics and activities designed to increase knowledge and skills in related to TBCS. Join us each week or drop in when the topic of a particular week is interesting and relevant for you.

  • Explaining the Rational & Advocating for TBCS
  • TBCS as it relates to Culture & Diversity
  • Initiating Supervision when using Videoconferencing
  • Creating & Maintaining the Supervisory Relationship
  • Explore Guidelines for TBCS
  • Providing Counselor Feedback in a Virtual World
  • What are the Ethical Concerns & Dilemmas of using Technology
  • Supervising Supervisors & Self Care - the reality
  • Creating TBCS Policies & Procedures
  • Assisting Supervisors to Implement Technology in Client Practice
  • TBCS Best Practices
  • Implementation of Technology for Clinical Supervision - a case study


Christina Boyd, LSCSW
Scott Breedlove, CPS, MARS

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Skills-based Videoconferencing...from idea to implementation

April 3 - September 8, 2019
1st & 3rd Wednesday of the Month
12:00-1:00pm MT / 1:00 - 2:00pm CT

This unique bimonthly series is open to all participants who are new to videocounseling or who have experience using videocounseling in their agencies or practice.  The purpose of this group is to offer a regular platform for learning and consultation related to videocounseling case reviews, legalities and ethics, rules and regulations, and jurisdictional and licensing issues. It also provides an opportunity to develop effective strategies and skills that are key to effectively working with clients using this approach.  This consultation group will explore a variety of topics and activities that promotes learning about the potential successes, challenges, and pitfalls of using videocounseling to offer clinical services in a behavioral health setting, as well as enhance participants’ videocounseling skills.

  • April 3 - The ins & outs of reimbursement
  • July 3 - Digital immigrants & digital natives: Understanding our clients through the cultural lens of today’s digital world
  • April 17 - Thinking outside the virtual box Part I: Appropriate documentation
  • July 17 - Avoiding landmines: Understanding HIPAA/42CFR Part 2, texting, emailing, and synchronous vs. asynchronous communication
  • May 1Thinking outside the virtual box Part II: Appropriate documentation 
  • August 7 - Using technology when working with children & adolescents
  • May 15 - Choosing a platform:  What you need to know prior to committing 
  • September 18 - So, you love groups:  Using videoconferencing to provide group therapy
  • June 5 - Managing an emergency when providing videocounseling services: role play
  • September 4 - Jurisdictional Issues: videoconferencing across state lines
  • June 19 - Employing our “virtual eye”: Taking an objective look before a videocounseling session
  • September 25 - Providing videocounseling services: how to implement in your agency and gain provider “buy-in” NEW DATE!!



Sandnes Boulanger, MSW, LCSW, CAP, CET
Gary Wareham, MA, LPC, LAC


To Join the SbVC Consultation Group, please use the login below on scheduled day/time.

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