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Peer Recovery Support Series, Section V: Supervision and Management

This is Section 5 of a multi-part series presented in partnership with NAADAC.

Presented By: Kris Kelly, BS  |  Jenna Neasbitt, MS, LCDC, MAT-R  |  Aaron M. Laxton, MSW, LMSW

To support a successful peer program, effective supervision is essential. Equipping supervisors with knowledge of the day to day functions, including practice boundaries specific to the peer role, will increase job satisfaction and retention, reduce communication breakdowns, and lead to better outcomes for the individuals served. For Peer Recovery Support Specialists (PRSS), supervision typically has two components: administrative and supportive. Administrative supervision works with the needs of the agency (scheduling, benefits, etc.). Supportive supervision provides direct guidance, encouragement, and professional development opportunities. Having a plan in place of who, what, when, and where the supervision will occur will create a supportive and safe environment for peers to do their best, most effective work.

Intended Audience: 

Organizations and professionals who have or plan to integrate Peer Recovery Specialists into their team.


Starts: Apr. 24, 2020 11:00 am
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April 24, 2020
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