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Handouts for ESAS: Treatment Knowledge

Handouts from the session ESAS: Treatment Knowledge. 

Featuring our special guest speaker: Avis Garcia, PhD, LAT, LPC, NCC, Northern Arapaho.

The purpose of this presentation discusses main theories and techniques used during each type of counseling dynamic, such as individual, family, or group therapy. Within each of these settings there are many different counseling theories practiced by addiction professionals; however, no one therapy or counseling approach is appropriate for all situations or clients. Depending on the school of thought of the addiction counselor or other helping professional, several theories could be equally applicable to a given situation or client. An addiction counselor or other helping professional must utilize his or her own experience and education to gauge which would be the most beneficial and effective for the individual client. This part of counseling is often referred to as the “theoretical tool bag” because addiction professionals simply look for and select the best “tools” for the job at hand. 

March 5, 2021
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