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Tag: NIATx Principles

Three Ways to Sustain Change with NIATx

Published: 03/04/2024
By Mat Roosa, LCSW-R, NIATx Coach The NIATx model is designed to help teams identify and implement a process improvement. While adopting a change is a significant accomplishment, the true test lies in maintaining that change and its positive outcomes over the long term: sustaining the change. Sustainability refers to the ability to stick with the […]
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Empowering Change with NIATx: Expanding Peer Support Services in Wisconsin’s Comprehensive Community Services Program

Published: 02/13/2024
 By Maureen Fitzgerald, Communications Manager, Great Lakes ATTC, MHTTC, and PTTC Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) is a unique Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) program designed to provide a wide range of community-based, recovery-oriented, and person-centered mental health and substance use disorder services to eligible individuals across the lifespan. The program, part of the DHS Division […]
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NIATx in New Places: The International Impact of the NIATx Model: Ukrainian healthcare providers increase access to treatment during war

Published: 07/12/2023
 By: Lynn Madden, PhD, MPA       Kristina Spannbauer, Communications Specialist for Great Lakes ATTC, MHTTC, & PTTC In 2003, the NIATx model was first used by 39 providers, each managing their own pilot project as part of the grant-funded Paths to Recovery and Strengthening Access to Treatment and Recovery programs. Dr. Lynn Madden and her […]
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NIATx in New Places: Bringing the NIATx Change Leader Academy to HealtheKnowledge

Published: 06/13/2023
By Maureen Fitzgerald, communications manager, Great Lakes ATTC, MHTTC, and PTTC, and Scott Gatzke, director of dissemination, Great Lakes ATTC, MHTTC, and PTTC NIATx began as a demonstration project in which 39 substance use treatment organizations tested process improvement tools borrowed from industry and manufacturing to improve treatment access and retention. The success of the NIATx […]
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NIATx in New Places: Research and Innovation in Professional Coaching with NIATx

Published: 04/11/2023
By: James H. Ford II, PhD, FACHE, LFHIMSS Dr. Jay Ford is an associate professor in the School of Pharmacy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His teaching and research focus on the dissemination, implementation, and sustainment of organizational change in multiple healthcare environments, including acute care, behavioral health, and long-term care. He was also a […]
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ATTC’s Pearls of Wisdom: The Legacy and Future of the NIATx Model and the Great Lakes ATTC

Published: 04/06/2023
 By Todd Molfenter, PhD, director of Great Lakes ATTC, MHTTC, & PTTC How can I successfully make “organizational change?” This is the fundamental question that started the NIATx movement. Simply stated, NIATx is a set of tools and techniques used to make organizational change: whether it be improving the admissions process, implementing an evidence-based clinical […]
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Embracing Change: Leading Through Change - Essential Skills for Managers in Behavioral Health Settings

Published: 08/18/2022
 By Beth Rutkowski, MPH, and Michael Shafer, Ph.D. Behavioral health and recovery support professionals operate within interdisciplinary, multi-professional teams of providers. Behavioral health professionals frequently find themselves serving as site managers, team leaders, shift leads, clinical supervisors, and other middle-management positions. In these positions, behavioral health professionals are often called upon to perform tasks and […]
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NIATx Principle #2: Fix Key Problems (And Help the CEO Sleep at Night)

Published: 08/02/2019
Mat Roosa, LCSW-R NIATx Coach The NIATx model is driven by five principles that research has shown to be the hallmarks of successful improvement projects. These five principles emerged from an analysis of decades’ worth of research that gathered data from 640 organizations in 13 industries, examining 80 factors on why certain projects fail while […]
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The 5 NIATx Principles: Principle #4 — Get ideas from outside the organization or field

Published: 06/17/2019
Mat Roosa, LCSW-R NIATx Coach When a substance use disorder clinic is struggling to engage and retain clients, we might understand why they would reach out to a more successful clinic for assistance. But what about asking a hotel or an amusement park? Many industries, especially in the health and human service sector, have remained […]
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Why Understanding and Involving the Customer Matters in Behavioral Health

Published: 04/26/2019
Mat Roosa, LCSW-R NIATx Coach Treatment organizations continue to face the challenge of improving access to and retention in treatment. NIATx (originally known as The Network for the Improvement of Addiction Treatment) was developed specifically to help treatment providers make simple, powerful changes that can improve service delivery. NIATx is based on five principles. The […]
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