Online Support Groups

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Online and Telephone Support Groups


Treatment providers and peer support specialists looking for online and telephone support groups for their patients/peers should review the list below. Both 12 Step and non-12 Step-based online support groups are identified. This is not an exhaustive list but the links are active. After an initial review, NONE of these sites are associated with specific treatment/recovery centers and do not require individuals to register first to access online group support services. 

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12 Step Groups

Telephone Directory 


Audio/Video Directory


12Step Forum Alcoholics Anonymous


12Step Forum Alanon Family Group




Narcotics Anonymous 


Never Alone Club 

Marijuana Anonymous 

Cocaine Anonymous 

Chronic Pain Anonymous 

Al-Anon Electronic Meetings

Adult Children of Alcoholics 

Families Anonymous Virtual Meetings 



Non-12 Step Recovery Support

SMART Recovery


LifeRing Secular Recovery 


Bridge Club Virtual Meetings 


Refuge Recovery Online Meetings 


The Temper 


We Face it Together Online Support Groups 


Spanish All Recovery Meeting
Reuniones de Recuperacion en Espanol