Online Support Groups

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Online and Telephone Support Groups


Treatment providers and peer support specialists looking for online and telephone support groups for their patients/peers should review the list below. Both 12 Step and non-12 Step-based online support groups are identified. This is not an exhaustive list but the links are active. After an initial review, NONE of these sites are associated with specific treatment/recovery centers and do not require individuals to register first to access online group support services. 

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12 Step Groups

Telephone Directory 


Audio/Video Directory


12Step Forum Alcoholics Anonymous


12Step Forum Alanon Family Group




Narcotics Anonymous 


Never Alone Club 

Marijuana Anonymous 

Cocaine Anonymous 

Chronic Pain Anonymous 

Al-Anon Electronic Meetings

Adult Children of Alcoholics 

Families Anonymous Virtual Meetings 



Non-12 Step Recovery Support

SMART Recovery


LifeRing Secular Recovery 


Bridge Club Virtual Meetings 


Refuge Recovery Online Meetings 


The Temper 


We Face it Together Online Support Groups