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A Broad Overview at Emotional Trauma

The module 'A Broad Look at Emotional Trauma' stems from IRESA's (Institute of Research, Education and Services in Addiction) commitment to provide training to mental health service providers. This pocket guide is intended as a tool for mental health providers as they offer services to individuals, communities, and agencies working with people who have experienced traumatic events. Some of the concepts described, such as resilience, retraumatization, ethno-racial trauma, and the study of Adverse Childhood Experiences and trauma-informed services, are basic elements to take into consideration when offering trauma-focused services. The objective of this pocket guide is to:

  • Define trauma and related terms.
  • Identify the impact of untreated trauma on human development.
  • Recognize the signs of emotional trauma.
  • Identify courses of action and management of traumatic experiences.
  • Explain the importance of a trauma-informed system and how to support resiliency and recovery.
  • Provide self-care practices to avoid vicarious trauma.