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Adolescent Development Issues and Behavior (webinar)

Adolescent Development Issues and Behavior

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Diana Padilla
Research Project Manager
SBIRT Technical Assistance
Division on Substance Use Disorders
New York State Psychiatric Institute
Department of Psychiatry | Columbia University Medical Center

Working with youth in any discipline warrants an understanding of how environment, familial, trauma, and social dynamics can affect the developing brain, and is critical to effectively working with adolescents, who experience life stressors very differently than adults do. This 90-minute webinar will incorporate an ecological perspective to understanding the adolescent ‘world,’ review of the neurological foundation and influencing factors that premediates behavior. Content will inform on how providers can support healthy development using effective strategies and interventions that help engage and motivate adolescents toward healthy behavior change in health care and behavioral health settings

February 10, 2021
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