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Stimulant Use Disorder Webinar Series Part 1: PowerPoint Slides
September 12, 2019

Part 1 of the Great Lakes ATTC/NW ATTC 3-part webinar series provides an overview of stimulant (cocaine and methamphetamine) use in the U.S.

Presenter Rick Rawson, Ph.D., will discuss:
1. The extent and geography of stimulant use. 
2. Clinical syndromes produced by acute and chronic stimulant use; s.trategies for addressing acute intoxication, withdrawal, and stimulant-induced psychosis. 
3. Effective behavioral treatments for stimulant use disorders. 
4. The status of pharmacotherapy research on treatments for stimulant use disorders. 
5. Vulnerable populations, including the problem of stimulant use by individuals in medication treatment for opioid use disorder.