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Alcohol and HIV: What Clinicians Need to Know (2nd Edition – 2019 Update)

The purpose of this introductory training is to provide HIV clinicians (including, but not limited to physicians, dentists, nurses, and other allied medical staff, therapists and social workers, and counselors, specialists, and case managers) with a detailed overview of alcohol abuse and the behavioral and medical approaches for treating individuals with an alcohol use disorder. The introductory training (which was initially developed in 2012) has been updated, and includes a 126-slide PowerPoint presentation, Trainer Guide, and a companion 2-page fact sheet. The duration of the training is approximately 3 hours, if the trainer chooses to present all of the slides. The training duration can be shortened slightly by eliminating select slides. For example, slides 50-58 represent a general introduction of HIV/AIDS, and can be eliminated if your audience already has a broad knowledge base with regards to HIV/AIDS education. 

“Test Your Knowledge” questions have been inserted at the beginning and end of the presentation to assess a change in the audience’s level knowledge after the key content has been presented. An answer key is provided in the Trainer’s notes for slides 7-11 and slides 121-125. Poll Everywhere, or a similar audience polling system can be utilized, if available, when facilitating the Test Your Knowledge question sessions. For more information, visit: 

In addition, a series of case studies (slide 74 and slide 115) and additional questions (slides 96-99) have been inserted throughout the presentation to encourage dialogue among the training participants, and to illustrate how the information presented can be used clinically.