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Opioid Use Disorder, MAT, and Stigma: The Impact of Stigma on Drug Court Participating Accessing MAT
Collaborating TTC: New England ATTC
September 26, 2019

In collaboration with the New England Association of Drug Court Professionals (NEADCP) and the Opioid Response Network of New England (ORN), we developed a second webinar that focused primarily on the impact of stigma on drug court participation in MAT. We discussed common challenges facing patients within the criminal justice population, including criminal thinking, underlying trauma, and stigma. We also discussed stigma with regard to both MAT and the criminal justice population, with special attention to three types of stigma: self-stigma, social stigma, and institutional stigma, including the reluctance to be involved in providing MAT services from an institutional standpoint. Further, we discussed the efficacy of MAT in these populations, as well as existing barriers, and how these relate to the three above-mentioned types of stigma.  A major point of emphasis was that MAT is highly efficacious regardless of whether a patient has a history of criminal involvement.