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Motivational Interviewing for Managers (Opportunity Counseling providers)

8:00am - August 14, 2019 | Timezone: US/Pacific
Northwest ATTC
Registration Deadline: August 14, 2019
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This event is for Opportunity Counseling providers only.

Managers and clinical supervisors are often charged with introducing new ideas and facilitating the implementation of evidence-based practices. These efforts are often met with what is referred to as “resistance” from employees. Employee responses may range from a litany of the reasons the idea/practice will not work to outright refusal to change. How can managers and clinical supervisors effectively lead change and enhance the internal motivation of their staff? The principles and strategies of motivational interviewing provide a set of communication and relationship strategies designed to address the common issue of ambivalence towards change. This 6-hour workshop will explore the application of motivational interviewing strategies to working effectively with employees to facilitate internal motivation for change and empower staff using a strength-based approach to leadership.