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Integration of Health Services

This list of resources can assist providers and others in integrating behavioral and physical health care to better address the needs of individuals with co-occurring mental, physical, and substance use conditions.

Integration of Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services

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Integrating Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder Treatment Project

Screenshot of the cover of Integrating Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder Treatment Project Final Summary Report

Working in conjunction with the Oregon Council on Behavioral Health (OCBH), 10 agencies were recruited to participate in this intensive TA project intended to helping mental health and substance use disorder treatment agencies enhance their level of service integration. The agencies completed an initial Dual Diagnosis Capability in Addiction Treatment (DDCAT) assessment, then participated in a 6-month learning collaborative that integrated NIATx process improvement components, coaching, and a change leader academy. 

At the end of the project, agencies participated in a follow-up DDCAT assessment to see what, if any impacts, project participation had on their agencies' level of service integration. The overall mean DDCAT score increased from 3.21 to 3.86 representing a clinically significant increase in dual diagnosis capability.

Additionally, at baseline DDCAT review only 30% of the programs were rated at the dual diagnosis capability level; by final review, that figure had grown to 71%.

To learn more about this project and its impact, read the project's final report and check out our blog post.

Additional Resources

Integration of Physical and Behavioral Health

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