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Treating Opioid Use Disorders - King County Providers

9:00am - May 25, 2018
Northwest ATTC
Registration Deadline: May 25, 2018
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<strong><font color="#990000">This training is for King County providers only.</font></strong><p>

This course will provide attendees with a deeper understanding of individuals struggling with an opioid use disorder, and the treatment options available to them. The content of this course is designed to apply to a wide range of professionals who interface with the opioid using population, and includes: opioid use disorder conceptualization and patterns of use; models of care (Medication Assisted Treatment, medications and modalities); opioid overdose risks and interventions; psychosocial interventions targeting OUD; and managing treatment resistance. The format will be a combination of didactics, small group case review, and larger group discussions emphasizing the practice of making evidence-based treatment recommendations.