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Clinical Supervision Skills Video Demonstrations: Part 1

Part 1: A Feedback Model for Clinical Supervision

The Feedback Model Demonstration video shows an example of a clinical supervisor providing feedback on methods for closing therapeutic groups. The Feedback Model used is an adaptation of the Elicit Provide Elicit model from Motivational Interviewing. 

This video shows a clinical supervisor, Amber, and her supervisee, Marjorie, having a discussion about how to effectively close a group. Amber is utilizing the clinical supervision feedback model, which is an adaptation of the Elicit Provide Elicit Motivational Interviewing technique, to work with Marjorie in this demonstration. Marjorie is ending groups with group hugs, which is problematic due to clients potentially having a negative reaction to this method of group closure. Amber is working with Marjorie to determine her openness to changing her group closure method to something that would be beneficial to all participants. Amber provides critical feedback regarding the problem with closing groups down with a hug and then discusses possible alternatives.

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