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Clinical EBP Demonstration Video Series: Part 1

Part 1: Brief Intervention Post ER Visit

This video depicts a client named Shawn Adams who goes to the Emergency Department to get additional pain medications for his back pain. While at the hospital, Shawn is identified as having a possible OUD. Medical noted Shawn already has considerable opiate medications in his system and was positive Cannabis as evidenced by a positive drug screen. Shawn was agitated and requested drugs by name, “I need Oxycodone for my pain.” The staff spent considerable time talking with Shawn about a possible OUD and suggest he talk with their Social Worker the following day to explore options. Shawn agreed to talk with the person. Marcos Sauri who is the SW, calls Shawn the next morning and demonstrates how a to use the four-step of the Brief Intervention to conduct an interview leading to a referral to treatment.

Characters played by: Marcos Sauri, SUDP, CDS III, NCAC I, King County Substance Use Disorder and Seattle APOYO Programs Supervisor, Consejo Counseling & Referral Services. David Jefferson, Northwest ATTC.

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