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Clinical EBP Demonstration Video Series: Part 3A

Part 3A: CBT & Motivational Interviewing: Cravings from a Behavioral Perspective

The client Shawn Adams meets with their IOP practitioner Michelle Peavy for the first time after re-starting their Buprenorphine treatment. Shawn has abstained from all drugs including Cannabis; he reports severe Cannabis cravings. The practitioner provides psychoeducation about cravings from a behavioral perspective. Specifically, they discuss how cannabis use at the height of cravings reinforces ongoing use, and can lower Shawn’s self-efficacy about his ability to withstand discomfort associated with cravings. The goal of the session is to connect Shawn’s craving experiences to the behavioral model discussed in the session so Shawn can develop a new understanding of his experience. This is a two-part video with the next one demonstrating Mindfulness skills to manage cravings.

Characters played by K. Michelle Peavy, PhD, MAC, SUPD and David Jefferson, Northwest ATTC

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