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Telehealth MOUD Video Demonstrations

Meeting Between Patient in MOUD and a Nurse Care Manager

This video shows a buprenorphine follow-up visit between a Nurse Care Manager (NCM) and an established patient enrolled in buprenorphine treatment for opioid use disorder. Here, we see how office-based buprenorphine treatment can be facilitated by an NCM. In this visit, the NCM engages of evaluation and monitoring of the patience by asking about how buprenorphine is working and assessing for current substance use. The patient reports ongoing alcohol use and the NCM provides education about alcohol use in MOUD. The education provided is consistent with a harm reduction philosophy; that is, the NCM’s focus is on reducing overall risks the patient may experience (in this case about the interaction between alcohol and buprenorphine) without explicitly promoting abstinence from alcohol. The NCM elicits a plan from the patient about how the patient wants to proceed with her alcohol use.

Characters: Nurse Care Manager played by Maureen Oscadal, RN, BSN, AMB-BC, CARN, Nurse Care Manager; Office Based Opioid Treatment (OBOT) at Harborview Medical Center OBOT Patient played by Cathie Murphy, SUDP, Counselor at Didgwalic Wellness Center

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