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December 14 Webinar: Beyond Clean Needles: How Peers Talk About Harm Reduction

November 3, 2022

Please join us on December 14, 2022 (12-1pm PT) for our next webinar:

Beyond Clean Needles: How Peers Talk About Harm Reduction

It's one thing to believe in harm reduction but how do we actually have those conversations with people actively using substances? And what other things should we know about besides Narcan and clean needles?

Peer and recovery mentor Sean Mahoney has been having these conversations for years and is excited to share his experience navigating these difficult conversations with safety, compassion and love. Mahoney has also seen how this conversation has changed over the years due to Fentanyl, COVID and the emerging mental health crisis. Harm reduction for opioids and heroin for sure but also for meth, alcohol, benzos and beyond will be covered in this course as will the techniques and approaches to have a trauma informed conversation to let the people we serve know that their lives matter. 

Learning objectives:

  • learn how to have the harm reduction conversation for a variety of substances
  • learn about harm reduction from a peer perspective
  • learn the ways this conversation has changed and using compassion and love as guiding principles

About the Speaker: Sean Mahoney is a peer support specialist, recovery mentor, program manager and peer supervisor for the Mental Health and Addiction Association of Oregon. Sean has been sober since 2009 and also works as a writer, facilitator and advocate. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his cat Larry.

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Sean Mahoney
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