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New Provider Self-Care and Online Engagement Products!

April 23, 2020

In response to the COVID19 pandemic, the South Africa HIV ATTC team has developed multiple products to support our partners and constituents during this time. Our ATTC is well-positioned to continue supporting people with off-the-shelf products and our virtual trainings and technical assistance remain available. The below exercises detail self-care techniques as well as guidance on conducting and facilitating engaging online meetings. Though these products are geared towards healthcare providers, they are widely applicable. 


Self-Care Series

The South Africa HIV ATTC has created these one-page exercises to serve as a guide to self-care:

  1. Reflection and Breathing Exercise -- This one-page activity can be used to relieve uncomfortable emotions such as stress, anxiety, anger and sadness by being still and practicing intentional reflection and breathing.
  2. Wellness Wheel Exercise -- This one-page self-assessment activity can be used to set goals towards achieving greater balance in caring for oneself.
  3. Coping with Distress -- This one-page activity can be used to learn new ways to cope with and relieve stress. Developing ways to soothe can be helpful to prevent one from becoming emotionally overwhelmed.
  4. Healthy Coping Behaviours -- This one-page activity encourages taking care of oneself, particularly in moments of great instability.
  5. Regular Emotional Check-Ins -- This one-page activity that can help one slow down and check in with their emotional and physical well-being.


Online Engagement and Facilitation

In this time of increased online engagement – meetings, trainings, technical assistance, and more – it is important for facilitators to be prepared when hosting in online meetings. The South Africa HIV ATTC has developed a series of one-page guides for online engagement. These products were adapted from the larger resource developed by the Pacific Southwest Mental Health TTC to ensure cultural relevance. Specific topics include:

  1. General Guidelines for Virtual Meetings -- This guide offers advice for video, audio, and chatting etiquette when participating in online meetings.
  2. Guidance for Setting Up Online Meetings -- This guide helps facilitators  to physically set up for online meetings including video conferencing.
  3. Facilitator Guide for Online Engagement -- This guide helps facilitators to prepare, set up, and host engaging online sessions.
  4. Group Norms for Online Engagement -- This guide helps facilitators to think through the setting of group norms and practices for online meetings
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