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Recommended Resource: Helping Families Help website

October 3, 2022

It has been estimated that for every one person struggling with addictive behaviors there are another 2 to 10 people who are intimately affected. In many systems, those affected family members are underserved, underutilized, and even viewed as a part of the problem. But substantial evidence shows us that families can be incredibly effective in encouraging their loved ones into treatment, helping reduce substance use, and maintaining in treatment longer . . . if the families are taught how. 

CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) is the evidence-based protocol that teaches families the skills and perspectives that can make a difference. CRAFT-based approaches teach families how to understand addictive behaviors, increase communication and connection, and encourage their loved one towards recovery, while taking care of themselves in the process. 

As a clinician, you can make a significant impact by simply pointing towards the evidence supported approach in the same breath as you might suggest Al Anon when interacting with a family member who is struggling with their loved one’s substance use. Want to get more involved? Get trained and learn how to teach the skills and perspectives to family members yourself!  We need more clinicians in the field who are able to offer these evidence-supported approaches to affected family members! 

Whether you are simply wanting to point family members in the direction of CRAFT, or interested in getting trained yourself, Helping Families Help website can be a great resource.

Helping Families Help is a resource hub for affected family members to connect with CRAFT-based books, websites, providers, groups and events so that they can learn the perspectives and skills to help themselves and their loved ones. The provider’s side of offers community and resources for those clinicians, peer mentors, recovery coaches, group leaders, etc. who offer, or advocate for, CRAFT-based work within their communities. 

This website was created by Cordelia Kraus, LPC, CADC I, Certified CRAFT clinician, out of love for the work -- and frustration that families don’t have access to the CRAFT-based protocols we know are beneficial.

Check out the website here!


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