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ATTC Messenger June 2022: Engaging Beyond the Current LGBTQIA “Lingo”

Fear of “saying the wrong thing,” of “offending,” because providers don’t know the right word(s) to say, is a consistent theme that emerges during every LGBTQIA-focused training I’ve ever facilitated.

So too is the related expectation that a single training will supply the Lavender Lingo Lexicon (nonexistent-to my knowledge), and having memorized that, all will be peace under the rainbow sticker displayed in the waiting area. The End.

Alas, if knowing the right words were magic, and it was that easy!

While knowing respectful words to use with and ways to address LGBTQIA people are certainly important for providers in establishing rapport and building trust, they by no means guarantee engagement or retention. That’s why the training we’re providing at Northeast & Caribbean ATTC is called “Serving LGBTQIA People - More Than Knowing the Current Lingo.”

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June 1, 2022
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